Self-Inflicted Wounds

One question (asked)
One answer (given)
An impulse
A 13 year addiction
A lifetime of scars.

I started cutting at the age of 14.

Using a red Swiss army knife, I would make tiny, superficial incisions on my hands that could easily be hidden beneath my rings. I discovered cutting came with an immediate sense of relief.

As I became more comfortable and daring with my blade, the self-inflicted wounds became longer…and deeper. How did I get to the point of being able to physically harm my own body? All I can tell you is that I was overpowered with emotions - emotions too intense to communicate. I was so desperate for some kind of release. For me, cutting did just that – it numbed my emotional pain, momentarily freeing me from the internal anguish I was experiencing. Simply put, it was easier to bleed then it was to feel…and for a short time, I felt better.